Friday, September 6, 2013

Awesome Architecture In PA: Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob

You don't have to be an architecture buff to enjoy the Fallingwater house in Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands.  Black Cloud and Worse Luck had a great time despite some heavy rain (what else is new) while they toured the grounds.  Frank Lloyd Wright was a genius and this house, considered unique even by today's standards, sits on top of the most beautiful waterfall.  It is amazing how well it blends into the surrounding mountainside landscape.

Fallingwater, rounding the corner to the main entrance.
View of the Youghiogheny River from the walking trail.

Fallingwater details: The location is: 1491 Mill Run Road, Mill Run, PA 15464. The GPS can get a little wacky with the directions (true story), so be sure to consult the website for the best way to get there: Click for Fallingwater Directions Page. There is a little walking involved, so wear shoes with a good tread. Tours of the inside of the house are often full, so be sure to book in advance.  For more information on the latest fees or hours call: (724)-329-8501.

My favorite photos of the property:

Roadtripper wisdom: Black Cloud always tries to incorporate as many scenic attractions on her cross country trip as possible... if you are pressed for time, it is possible to see the grounds and outside of the house within an hour. And be sure to stop at the gift shop.  Our next stop was Kentuck Knob which is not as nice and takes a little longer to see... keep reading if you are wondering why...


Kentuck Knob is a less popular Frank Lloyd Wright house in the same area of PA (about 11 minutes apart).  Black Cloud loves architecture so it was a must see, however at the time of our trip in the summer of 2011, the property was found to have some major flaws.  Before I get to that it does have an interesting Sculpture Garden that Worse Luck enjoyed. 

Getting back to the negatives of Kentuck Knob: if it is raining the grounds are very wet and marshy.  Literally wear gum rubbers or your feet will be soaking wet.  The incline of the driveway and roads leading to the parking lot are extremely steep, so drive carefully.  The map they provide you with at the visitor center to complete a "self-guided tour" is useless and we wandered in the rain for quite some time before realizing where to turn to walk to the house.  Your best bet is to wait for the shuttle bus and pay for a guided tour.  

My favorite photo from the Sculpture Garden:
Of course everybody has better luck than Black Cloud and Worse Luck, so here is the info on Kentuck Knob if you still plan to visit. The property is located at: 723 Kentuck Road, Chalk Hill, PA 15421, and their phone number is: (724)-329-1901. Click here for website.  



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